Nnamdi Kanu’s Biafra is fake by FCC Jones Onwuasoanya



IPOB leaders are relying on propaganda and outright falsehood to keep their followers caged and win more gullible followers to their side. This is not very different from what the same politicians they condemn and aim to replace do. Anyone who believes that the only way to retain loyalty of the people is by lying to them and conjuring all kinds of make-believe to deceive them, shouldn’t be trusted with a leadership position, even by a 100 miles.

Some original IPOB leaders have fallen out with Nnamdi Kanu and accused him of looting funds donated by sympathisers of the group, and Nnamdi Kanu arrogantly dismissed them as sellouts and saboteurs, instead of providing evidence to counter the claims of his accusers. The fugitive is so self-conceited that he doesn’t believe he owes anyone explanation over how he handles public funds left in his care. This is another evidence to show any discerning mind that Nnamdi Kanu and his goons are not better than those they said they want to replace. They may even be worst.

Most IPOB sympathizers and adherents on social media are not different from Talibans. They are extremists who would descend on anyone who tries to question the styles and decisions of their ‘Supreme Leader’. I receive threats everytime I post something that doesn’t go down well with the IPOBians. Threats of death and threats of ostracism. And this gives me more than a clear idea of the kind of society these guys are set to build, if they have the chance.

I am a Biafran, just like every true Igbo man should. But, the Biafra of Nnamdi Kanu will never come to reality and should never come to reality. That is not the Biafra for which Ojukwu depleted his father’s wealth and lost a huge part of his youth fighting for us. That’s not the Biafra for which millions of Igbo youths, children and mothers lost their lives. The Biafra of Nnamdi Kanu is a criminal enterprise with the sole object of under-developing Igboland, pushing our youths to avoidable deaths and disrupting our cultures and religious inclinations.

The ideal Biafra for which our best brains and greatest patriots came together to work for its realization from 1967-1970 is being betrayed by Nnamdi Kanu and his criminal gang of loafers. They are turning our peaceful and prosperous fatherland to a theatre of war and a desert of hunger. Businesses are suffering and investors are taking to their heels, and the truth is that we cannot continue to keep quiet and allow Igboland turn to a ghost land, where nothing works.

The idea of Biafra for which every true Igbo intellectual is ready to invest in has been distorted and hijacked by elements who could rightly be tagged terrorists. Most of them are far away beyond the shores of our land and do not care what happens to their siblings in Igboland. They are wicked, senseless and desperate felons. They are doing nothing to advance the interest of the Igbo, politically, socio-economically or educationally, but they are ready to procure ammunition with which their fellow Igbos are being killed. Yes, more than 70% of soldiers, policemen and other security operatives so far killed are Igbos. They are endangering the lives and businesses of Igbos living in the North by attacking and killing innocent suya sellers in Igbo land, by torching the businesses of Northerners living in the East. By the time, these Northerners retaliate, these wicked felons will only stay behind their internet radios in far away UK to dish out threats.

There can’t be a better way to advance the interest of the Igbo man than through economic revolution. Plough back these wealths used in destroying our lands and use same to build the economy of Igbo land to rival that of any other nation in the world. We could win independence from Nigeria without firing a single bullet, we could build the Biafran Silicon valley in Nnewi or Akokwa without having to exchange bitter words with anyone.

May we, Igbos, never be led to the slaughter table due to our genuine dissatisfaction with the prevailing structures in Nigeria. Every right thinking Igbo must speak up now to denounce the terrorism gradually taking hold in our land.

Nnamdi Kanu may have succeeded in instilling fears into a lot of us, and will even do more by targeting those who manage to speak out against him, for elimination, but we must not fail to understand that we shall all be held accountable should we keep quiet and allow a badly educated manipulator destroy our land.


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