How Late Sylvester Oromoni (Dowen college student) Was Brutalized By Six Senior Students (Eye Witness)

A room mate of late Sylvester Oromoni who claimed to know what happened to his late room mate has opened up with detail account of how he was bestialized, dehumanized and abandoned to die.

According to his account, Sylvester was allegedly beaten up by six senior students who entered their room, switched off the light and descended on him. Apparently, Sylvester sleeps on top of a double bunk bed and was beaten till he fell from the bed to a hard floor.

The terrorising senior boys cautioned Sylvester and his room mates never to ‘snitch’ the incident to any one, threatening that if they tell anyone, they will come back for the person on a heavier measure than what they have seen.

Incapacitated by the beating of the previous night, Sylvester was not able to walk in the morning, hence the matter was reported to the school authorities.The room mate claimed that after reporting to the school authority, they instructed them to claim that he was injured during a football play. Unfortunately, there was no football activity on the previous day and even during the week.

Below is his post:

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