Gov. Hope Uzodimma from inspection has shown more commitment towards the project of a better imo in all ramifications than his predecessors. It is well posited to say that his administration is not for personal aggrandizement but to work for the general good of Imolites.

It is in line with the above commitment that the shared prosperity government was hinged on the 3R mantra initiative of reconstruction, reconciliation and recovery. The truth is that these initiatives have all been visible in all the sectors of the state and has recorded so much results that has attracted recommendations from within and outside the country.

It is on record that Gov. Hope Uzodimma met a moribund economy where some industries were allowed to rot and ruin without proper attention but was not deterred and assiduously went into work in line with the reconstruction mantra. This the governor started through the reconstruction of roads in the state and as at today, Gov. Hope Uzodimma has set the pace in road construction in imo state which is a necessity for development and attracting of investors into the state.

Human capital development is another area which the state government has paid so much attention to and this he has done through numerous empowerment programs for the youths and Imolites to become financially dependent other than regularly depending on the state government. Gov. Hope Uzodimma has furthered attracted CBN loans and that of Agric grants from the FG to encourage entrepreneurs and young farmers respectively in their quest for self development which will greatly impact the society.


Despite all these undaunted progresses by Gov. Hope Uzodimma, security challenges keeps on roaring its ugly heads yet remained surmountable through the efforts of the state government and other relevant security agencies. It is therefore imperative that in tackling security challenges, kinetic and non-kinetic measures must be put in place and these includes having an Imo State that is economically viable and where able bodied Imolite can be engaged in a legitimate business or work.

In the words of Gov. Hope Uzodimma during his welcome address to members of course 14 of the National Institute for Security Studies rightly postulated “we all know the nexus between idleness and criminality, that is why as a Government we have to do our best to engage our youths in productive ventures. While we acknowledge that crime and criminality have assumed a more dangerous dimension lately, it is still imperative to address the causative factors chief of which is unemployment” and this is why Gov. Hope Uzodimma rehabilitated and reconstructed the Adapalm and other moribund industries which has gainfully employed Imolites. This moves will end up getting our youths out of crimes and dissuading them from indulging in one.

The recent South East security meeting held in Owerri, the Imo State Capital and attended by the 5 South East Governors is a clear move by Gov. Hope Uzodimma to address the security menace in Imo State and the South East at large and to reinstate the efforts of the governors as Chief Security Officers of their state in fighting insecurity which birthed the EBUBE AGU security outfit of the South East zone. This singular move extols the desire of Gov. Hope Uzodimma in bringing peace not just to the state or zone but to the entire country. Another striking remark made by the Governor on the issue of secession which is one of the proponents of insecurity in the South East zone says “…The recent security breaches in the South East do not in any way suggest that Ndi igbo are tired of being part of Nigeria. All we want is justice,equity and fairness in a big Nigerian family”.

Gov. Hope Uzodimma countless times have proven that he is very much committed in the fight against insecurity and the need to promote peace which is a panacea for development and its sustainability in the state,zone and in the country at large and should be seen and celebrated as not just a man of peace but an ambassador of peace in the country.


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