Unlike many other medical conditions, acne is often difficult or impossible to hide. Blemishes can break out pretty much anywhere on the body, including the face, which makes acne a condition that has the potential to cause emotional distress that may result from embarrassment and feeling self-conscious. Dermatologists may offer a number of options to treat acne, but there are other treatments people can try that may improve their condition without medical treatment. Those who are already receiving medical treatment may benefit from these vitamins and minerals as well.


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This is one of the most important vitamins one can use in the treatment of acne. In fact, there are a number of topical treatments that are used by dermatologists that involve the use of retinoids, many of which contain vitamin A. Vitamin A can aid in the generation of new cells, and help keep pores open. Some researchers believe that a vitamin A deficiency may actually cause acne.

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